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What are the advantages of getting a nose surgery in Istanbul?


What are the advantages of getting a nose surgery in Istanbul?

Why go for a nose job?

Nose surgery or rhinoplasty is a very vital facial surgery that helps people to have a reconstructed nose. If you have been involved in an accident or have a defected nose structure by birth, then it is a great way to gain your confidence. But you can also seek this surgery as a cosmetic nose surgery Istanbul if you want.

Types of a nose job in Turkey

There are actually 3 types of nose surgery…

Reconstructive: If your nose is damage due to trauma or cancer, this type of nose surgery will help to restore the tissues of your nose that have been damaged or not present there. You can also consider this surgery if you have suffered an injury that resulting in a broken nose.

Septoplasty: If you were born with a crocked septum then nose job in Turkey is your only option. A defected septum can cause many problems such as frequent nose bleeding, chronic headaches and of. This is a corrective surgery that helps with a deviated septum to improve the patient's ability to breathe. It will repair the septum to improve the airflow of your nostrils.

Revision rhinoplasty: If you have already taken a nose surgery but the result did not meet your expectations, then you can consider getting gone of a revision nose surgery in Istanbul. This will help you to add a minor correction to the already surgical place. This surgery is also referred to as secondary rhinoplasty, can mend the after-surgery problems.

Tips for recovery after the nose surgery

  • Immediately after your nose surgery in Istanbul, you may feel some puffiness, headache, nose pain for a short time but otherwise, this surgery has a very uneventful recovery. The symptoms after the surgery is very normal and will go after some time. You can get rid of the bandages after 5 to 7 days.
  • After the removal process, you will need to take good care of your nose and take all the prescribed medication with the instruction process for faster healing. And if you can do that then you can go back to your normal life within a week.
  • If you are having bleeding problems then you should keep your head in an elevated position. The surgeon will also place a splint on the nose to support and protect your nose.
  • In case of swelling, get an ice pack ready at all times, east high-fiber foods, don’t move your nose too much and take bath not showers. You also cannot exercise for 3 to 6 weeks after the procedure.

All in all, it is a great procedure for those who want to change their defect and improve their regular life. And the best thing is the nose job in Istanbul cost is also very affordable making it available for anyone.


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